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Our Services

This what we do and an overall description/summary of our services.

Accounting/Write-Up Services

Designed to maintain your entire accounting and transactional information, create financial statements, account receivables, and more. Our accounting/write-up services include: ​

  • 1099s report preparation for subcontractors​
  • Bank account reconciliation ​
  • Check coding​
  • Fixed asset scheduling ​
  • Payroll deposit calculations​
  • Payroll tax filings​
  • Preparation of internal financial statements ​

Audit Facilitation

We provide financial audit support with services such as:​

  • Identifying and resolving accounting issues​
  • Preparing audit schedules​
  • Preparing financial statements and footnotes​
  • Taking on work that your CPA firm may not be able to do because of a conflict of interest​
  • Working as liaison between your business and auditors to facilitate a smooth audit​

Temporary accounting and administrative services

We can manage collection calls and bookkeeping services on an interim basis during periods of your staff absences.  Call Lisa to discuss your specific needs.​

Management & Financial Consulting

Consulting services performed by our team of specialists, intended to provide advice regarding your operations and finances. This service may include:​

  • Internal Controls process review and financial policy writing​
  • Business strategy​
  • Accounting software review for purchase considerations ​
  • Software implementation​
  • Litigation support​
  • Process analysis​
  • Risk Management​

& So Much More

Need support in an area not listed here? We’d love to hear from you and further discuss the needs of your business. Contact us below to schedule a meeting with our CEO today!

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